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Who is the library liaison for my subject area/department?

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Library liaisons are a bridge between the library, teaching faculty, and academic departments. They:

*Select library materials for their assigned subject areas

*Ensure that the library supports the curriculum  area with books, journals, and databases

*Create customized Research Guides and Course Guides that you can embed in Blackboard to help your students find sources 

*Work to create instructional videos and curate digital collections 

Contact your liaison today about how the library can enhance your teaching and research! 

School of Humanities

Languages Pongracz Sennyey (512) 448-8470
Philosophy and Religious Studies Pongracz Sennyey (512) 448-8470
Literature and Writing Brittney Johnson (512) 448-8479
Communication, Graphic Design, Photocommunications, Film Studies and Music Pongracz Sennyey (512) 233-1416
Art and Theatre Pongracz Sennyey (512) 428-1047

School of Management & Business

General Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Labor and Human Resources Anna Stewart (512) 428-1096
Economics Dianne Brownlee (512) 448-8739

 School of Education

All Departments Margy Warner (512) 428-1024

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

History and Political Science Dianne Brownlee (512) 448-8739
Psychology and Counseling Brittney Johnson (512) 448-8479
Social Work, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Margy Warner (512) 428-1024

 School of Natural Sciences

Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Science Tina Buck (512) 464-8825
Computer Science Tina Buck (512) 464-8825

University Programs

All Departments Dianne Brownlee (512) 448-8739

New College

New College students and faculty should contact the Subject Liaison associated with their major above.

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